Saturday, May 12, 2012

Photo Essay-El Salvador

Current Location: Bahia del Sol, El Salvador

So, I just can't bring myself to write a whole entire post. I have an ear infection that may be inhibiting my ability to write or perhaps it's the 95 degree, 80% humidity and the task of cleaning and closing up our boat for departure on May 22nd.  Perhaps, it's pure malaise or laziness....whatever it is, I can't seem to put together a narrative of our time here in El Salvador. So here's a photo essay of our every day life here, nothing spectacular, just a little ditty to illustrate how we spend our days here in El Salvador. I promise blog entries of our volcano adventures, boat naming ceremony, dingy safari tour, visiting the capital, San Salvador, visiting the doctor in a third world country and playing in the rainforest fog at a later date.

Cows walk the streets freely here in El Salvador. Bus drivers barrel down the simple streets, blaring their horns to get them to move. Slowing down is not an option.


Meeting El Salvadorian families is always fun! We have become e-mail buddies with these new friends, attempting to write to them in Spanish and they, in English.

We have made so many good friends like Liz and Chris from Espiritu. It's hard to say good-bye, but we always know there will be the "hello" again when we sail into an anchorage and encounter old friends!

Mickey learning how to make pupusas! Apparently, this is a "woman's job" here in El Salvador, but being the progessive lad he is, Mickey did not seem to care! She was a bit tickled that a boy showed interest in doing this.  His cooking skills are growing everyday!

So sweet!  Mickey and Kara from Taking Flight enjoy some together time. Did I mention this guy can cook, too??

J.P. with his good friend, Aaron from Bella Star. When J.P. recently lost a tooth, this jack wagon mentioned that $2 wasn't much for "losing a body part". He suggested J.P. ask for $5 instead. He has taken on the role of  attorney for our youngest son.  All I have to say, is Karma is a b##ch, Aaron!

Receiving the $5 he asked for in his letter to the Tooth Fairy, J.P. did receive the full amount.  However, she suggested that he share his bounty with others. Aaron (and all of us) received an ice cream purchased by J.P.

Bonfire on the beach. There are no limits to what you can burn here in El Salvador, so we found the biggest logs, etc. that we could burn. This is Zach from Panache celebrating "fuego" and howling at the moon.  Soon he will single hand across the Pacific Ocean on his 30' Catalina.

A hot log rolled on to Aaron's foot during the bonfire. I will reiterate....."Karma is a bit##!!"

Friends Christian and Abby from Andiamo III. They will be back in the Fall just like us and heading south to Costa Rica and through the Panama Canal!!

Is it a moth or a butterfuly?  On the inside it was a brilliant, beautiful blue. So much better than the mosquitos and no-see-ums that bite us every night.