Sunday, April 14, 2013

The San Blas Islands...Ben's take......

Molly will do a nice job of summarizing our visit to the remote San Blas the time you read this, that post will probably be above this one. However, their are 2 special things that I wanted to point out about these remote, nearly untouched and remarkably beautiful islands from MY unique perspective.

One, the Kuna Indians that populate the archipalago are very kind...although they are also VERY short. Here is a typical Kuna home:

Here is our buddy Jose who was a huge help in getting us around the island:

Finally, and most "shockingly", due to this height difference, I found it often times simply dangerous in Kuna Land....these are power lines strung across a PUBLIC park!!

These folks eat well though.....I bought to fresh off the bottom lobsters for $4 and a 2 cold beers!!!
I LOVE the San Blas!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Me, Myself and I........

Never would have guessed it was "De La Soul" that released that song in 1989 (thanks Google) but yep, Molly and the boys, weary from many months on the boat, have headed to a cruising friend's home in Florida. Thanks (I think) to Deena and Rick of Talaria for making this so easy for them.....they were ready for things like ice makers and swimming pools you don't have to share with lots of other cruisers.

I am feeling better now that some time has passed, the canal transit was just another adventure....and I dislike Panamanians less......

So it is Captain Ben setting out on the high seas aboard the brave ship Knee Deep to make the 4-5 week passage up to Key West. I have actually broke it down into four 2-3 day legs, with 2-3 days to rest and drink beer at each new location....shouldn't be too tough, right?? I will head out from here to Providencia, then to Grand Caymen, Belize, a short hop to Isla Mujeres, then Key West. Actually my buddy Andrew Lynch will be joining me for that last...and longest leg.....thank goodness for that. I suggested that he approach the boat with caution when he gets to Mexico.....with all that alone time I may just want to spoon with him!!

Anyway, inorder to strike just the right Pirate Posture as I single hand my way up through the Carribean, I have decided on a new look:

Now keep in mind that JP said without hesitation, "not your best look dad...." but I am not going for handsome here. This look is in honor of my good friend Ron on Sundancer......and it is a look I know Don Krug will appreciate!

AND, it is not like I don't have crew at this shot you see the tiny tail of my galley chef. I have named him Guy Kho after an old college roomate. * You can just barely make out his little tail headed back behind the onion.

Finally, if you care to know what I've done with the boat now that I am alone, just reference Terry Bradshaw's scene near the end of "Failure to Launch".....when HIS kid  Mathew McCaunaghy) moves out of the house.
Or check this you Tube link.....(Warning...Terry Bradshaw is NAKED)

I'll let you all know how the progress up the Carribean goes......I am looking forward to Florida and my family!!

*I actually never had a college roommate named Guy Kho, although I did live with Hung Jiang for a week freshman year in the dorms before he left for a more shall we say "sober" environment.