Thursday, October 6, 2011

Elvis Has Left The Building

The Deed is Done! We have thrown off the dock lines and started our journey (currently waiting out the weather in Monterey for few days). I wasn’t really certain what state of mind I would be in as we made our way out of the Golden Gate. I was somewhat surprised at the euphoric excitement I experienced.

Then I remembered back to all of the trips I’ve taken over the years, from an 8 year old little girl listening to my parents pack up the car for Disneyland or loading my backpack for a 4 month long trek through Europe. That feeling that starts in the pit of my stomach, bubbling up into a volcanic eruption of enthusiasm and exhilaration as I take the first step towards my destination. It’s something I’ve known about myself forever….I love to travel! “It’s been a long time, but this such a familiar feeling and I love it!”, I thought to myself as I danced around the cockpit of the boat giggling.

Imagine my surprise as I glanced over at Captain Ben, expecting to share this joyful moment, to see a grimace and furrowed brow plainly expressed on his face. A naturally easy-going guy, who isn’t flustered by much, was clearly quite perplexed about something.
“You o.k., Ben?” I asked.
“Yep fine,” he replied curtly.
Hmmmmmm, questions buzzed through my brain. Was it second thoughts? Was there something wrong with the boat? Were the tides not right? Is my hair really that scary big already?

“You sure?” I said.
“Yeah, I just get really stressed out when I start a trip like this. I felt the same way when I headed out of the Golden Gate last time” he replied.

If you don’t believe me, here’s proof.

I love this story for a couple of reasons. One-whatever I think my emotional reactions are going to be, most of the time they cannot be predicted. Two-it proved to me that I REALLY REALLY want to do this and the fear about the unknown was quelled by sheer enthusiasm.
Captain Ben’s three crew members had a blast taking the first step on this journey!

I messed up posting the photos of going under, so you have to go to for photos of us sailing under the Golden Gate. Thanks to my sister, Colleen who came out in the foggy damp weather to hoot and holler at us from the South Tower and her great photos documenting the event.

It should be noted that Captain Ben recovered nicely and his easy, relaxed smile returned as we made our way through the swells of the ocean enroute to Half Moon Bay (there was some sea sickness as we are still getting our sea legs…but that’s another blog entry…coming soon).

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  1. Man, that photox radiates Terminator-grade stress; might just be the quintessence of skinny. ¡Buen viaje, marineros! ¡Navieguen bien!