Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Star Wars books from Santa!

J.P. knitted a scarf for his teddy bear's, John's Christmas present. Auntie Colleen taught him how to knit while she visited!

Mickey's letter to Santa:

"Dear Mr. C,
If you want more milk, it's in the frige. Sorry abot the carits."

Cookies and milk for Santa in the cockpit.

Christmas carolers came to visit us!

Christmas carolers were treated to a visit from Santa in our V-berth hatch.

Sunset Christmas snow in sight! I'm dreamin' of an Orane Christmas.

My sister, Colleen came to visit for Christmas!! Yeah!!


  1. That sunset is gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing a "orange Christmas" with us! It's nice to know Santa stops on boats too---will keep that in mind for future use.

  2. Hi guys, enjoyed reading your blog, look forward to keeping up. Regarding your Sept 13 post about missing pizza delivery, there is a place in La Cruz called Falconis that makes a pretty good pizza and they will deliver it right to your boat. The pineapple/jalepeno is pretty good. You can call them, or walk to their place. I think it is 3 blocks up from the marina entrance and two blocks over (right), but anyone can direct you. Sorry we are not headed the same direction, best wishes to you all and maybe our paths will cross again. Michael and family.