Thursday, January 19, 2012

Top 10 Reasons to Stay In An Anchorage vs. A Marina

Current location: La Cruz (Huanacaxtle), Mexico

No scooters have fallen in the water recently. Mickey even held a pancake making seminar on our boat for Aaron from Bella Star without setting our boat on fire, so things are looking up! He is becoming quite the chef!!!

I had to write a quick blog entry in response to Mickey’s recent post of “Top 10 Reasons for Staying in a Marina vs. the Anchorage” on I will submit my “Top 10 Reasons for Staying in Anchorage” here:

10. More wide open space and your cockpit is now your "backyard" instead of your "front porch". Your neighbors are farther away, therefore sitting in the cockpit naked at night is acceptable (this is submitted from Ben, not me….no, really!).

9. Better water quality. The boat is not surrounded by murky, oil-infested waters and there clearer, less polluted water in the anchorage.

8. Natural swimming pool available any time of day. Jumping off the boat to cool off is easy and fun!

7. Wildlife. Word is among the boats anchored out here that a whale passed through the other day, in addition to the wide variety of fish swimming around. The only thing you see in the marina are stubborn old Puffer Fish that don’t even puff up when you poke them with the boat hook (not that I would ever do something like that).

6. Quieter. You don’t hear those damn kids riding their scooters around the dock (and you don’t have to fish them out when they fall in).

5. The temptation of the “Sky Bar” (see Mickey’s post Item #4) is a whole dinghy ride away. Therefore, being the lazy person I am, I would get a beer from the fridge and watch the sunset from the boat.

4. I get to drive the dinghy.

3. Farther from the live bands that play into the early morning hours…who knew a Quinceanera could go on until 4:00 am??!! (I secretly like this reminds me of my youth in the City).

2. It makes me feel like a real sailor.

1. IT'S FREE!!!!

Molly's another reason for the list....There's a "Time Out" room always available!!!


  1. I prefer dangling from the tow rope in the water for my time out : )

  2. Mickey's pancakes have my highest recommendation! Despite what we've heard, there's some real advantages to having a slip next to the Doolittles.