Thursday, April 12, 2012

Love Letter to Mexico

Current location: Bahia del Sol, El Salvador

As I looked back on some of my journal notes and blog ideas, I had an intention of writing a love letter to Mexico as we sailed off to southern latitudes. You know the kind that were written years ago, before e-mail, twitter, facebook, etc.?? If I had the time and motivation, I think it would have gone something like this….

Dear Mexico,

As I sail out of your warm waters towards other destinations, please let me express my love and respect for your lovely land. The people that occupy your towns have been my greatest enjoyment. Strolling through your streets of cities big and small, I was always greeted with genuine smiles followed by a compliment or a warm, encouraging pat on the head for my sons.

I loved so many things about you; your doctor who plays soccer with his children in the cobblestone streets near his office as he waits for his patients to arrive; the family dinners carried out for hours on small outdoor patios in the heat of the day; your true generosity of spirit and willingness to help out however you could. I never expected someone to walk my tired, Spanish butchering butt to the laundry place six blocks out of their way, but inevitably someone always appeared to help me out.

I loved your 10 peso charcoal grilled tacos consumed at plastic tables and chairs placed randomly on the streets. I loved that I could support my avocado addiction by buying your cheap and delicious fruit. I loved your carnival-like bus rides that could include anything from scary, yet entertaining clowns, loud 70’s disco music with flashing neon lights or reaching NASCAR race speeds just to get us to our destinations at the low, low price of 8 pesos.

Thank you for letting me enjoy the amazing, clear blue waters of your islands, frolicking with your dolphins and allowing me to catch and consume amazing sushi dinners. Thank you to your Navy that patrol your ocean waters who greeted us with warm smiles and would depart with a reminder to call them if we needed anything.

There are many back home that would say your country is dangerous and unsafe. They are so very wrong and I hope one day they realize their error in judgement and get to enjoy it.

During my six month stay in your country there are a variety of things for which I must apologize. I am sorry I butchered your language and my annoyingly repeated question of “Como se dice (insert English word here)?”, afterwards promptly forgetting what you told me. Please forgive me when I failed to remember that I was a visitor in your country and complained about not being able to flush toilet paper or cursed the ponga fisherman for laying nets in the vicinity of my sailboat prop. I must admit I talked badly about your busy city of Acapulco, but it made me appreciate all of your other wonderful destinations I had lived in. I also wholeheartedly also must apologize for driving the prices of beer up, due to the large consumption of your local product….it was mostly my husband’s fault.

Please don't be jealous as I move on to see other countries. You will always have a special place in my heart and I hope we can still be friends.

I will forever be grateful for the time I spent within your borders. The experiences we had as a family exploring new places, meeting new people and making life long friends will never be forgotten.

Viva Mexico!


Next up: My new love....El Salvador!!


  1. I couldn't have said it better myself!

  2. These pictures are awesome and do a beautiful job telling the story of the visit. I have to thank you for posting Lilibeth's picture. It made me feel really good about my job. I think I am going to print that picture and keep it next to my desk to reflect on when I think my job is hard. Then, I am going to write my name in black marker on the back of my chair.