Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Photo Montage - Golfito

Current Location:  Golfito, Costa Rica (leaving today to head south to Panama)

We are leaving today to sail (hopefully) south into Panama. We hope to be in Panama City for Christmas so we will be off the grid for a week or so.  In the meantime, here are some photos of our visit in Golfito and our attempt to get into the swing of things for Christmas.

We picked up some Santa hats in the grocery store recently. Here are the boys trying them out. But to quote them, "Dang these things are REALLY hot!!" Christmas + 80% humidity + 90 degrees + Santa hat = HOT!!!!

Katie who owns Land and Sea, offers moorings, a great cruisers club complete with shower, honor bar and an awesome deck/bbq space to have some meals. She had a Christmas decorating potluck one night to get into the spirit of the season.

Ben and J.P. joined by Caroline and Tony from Macha (a home built trimaran). Ben and Tony spend many a hours discussing boat building.

Mickey, Malia from Macha and John from Contento having some grub! Malia is so very kind to our boys! She often tolerates the same question over and over, "Hey, have you ever played Minecraft??" 
Francisco, the inkeeper had his nieces and nephew over. The requested that Katie make "gringo" food like bbq chicken and mashed potatoes.  She also had them build their own pizzas since they had never had it before. After they started eating them raw, Katie informed them the needed to be cooked first.  The boys loved having other kids around (we haven't run into many kid boats yet) and apprently a language barrier does not inhibit friendship OR schoogirl crushes!
Francisco's nieces hanging out in the cruiser's clubhouse. Boats that pass through here, paint their names on the walls.
Gotta love the Honor Bar.....
....except when the tallies for beer outnumber soda and beer
and when your alcoholic friends leave their outstanding tabs behind for you to pay!!! Ha-ha-ha!!
As we get ready to do a week long sail down the coast, let it be noted, that this is NOT what it looks like!!!! Is she actually wearing white pants????
Couldn't find a pic of me while underway...thank God!! But it's kinda like this....blurry, sweaty and minus the smile on about Day 3.
Merry Christmas!!!

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