Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ben Doolittle Makes the Evening News....Unfortunately Not For Sailing!!

Let me start by saying, the blog entries of our time cruising continue to brew and bubble in my writing mind, but I have been unable to put fingers to keyboard to publish them here on our blog. The transition back to land living seems to be relatively complete, although we have found that our children have adapted way more easily than their parents. Kids truly are more resilient than us crotchety, stuck-in-our-ways old folk! 

This current post is simply to publish the video of Ben on the Sacramento evening news tonight, talking about (insert 'yawn' here......) the new California Covered Health Insurance. 

Let it be known that we were indulging in a lovely al fresco lunch near our house sans Doolittle children (I am substitute teaching and Ben continues to work on his insurance business so our schedules allow this indulgence). We walked over to the restaurant since our tired, old van was in the shop getting maintenance and we basked in the warm, California sun on the outdoor patio.  Ben took a call that just happened to be the local news reporter looking to interview an insurance broker for her story on the new California health insurance coverage. 

Now, I'm sure Ben has dreamed of being on television as a salty sailor (20,000 + miles and many countries), but alas his 5 minutes of fame came as.........wait for insurance broker. Which reminded me of a story he once told me about his father.

"I remember my dad one day telling me that I could be ANYTHING I wanted to be when I grew up....and then he added, 'except an insurance broker'.  

So there we sat and when Ben hung up the phone he informed me, "We need to get our food to go! A reporter is going to be at our house in 30 minutes to interview me for the news."

Vision of dust bunnies and unpacked boxes danced in my head as I remembered that we were a 20 minute walk from our house.  This left just a few moments for Ben to shower, shave, dress appropriately (suit and tie versus the sweats and t-shirt he was in) and me to quickly cram all of the crap into closets! So we called in our good friend, Chris Link, who picked us up and drove us home saving us precious time!!

And in true Frat House form, we were able to accomplish the task and were greeting the camera crew 45 minutes later.

For full disclosure, the pictures and photos that were laying on the dusty floor were flung up on the walls just seconds before they arrived.

So here it is......Ben's 5 seconds of fame!

This is what Ben was REALLY wearing during the interview....

I believe the above entry qualifies as a Floating Frat House Follies entry!


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