Saturday, March 17, 2012

Awaiting A Weather Window....

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!
I was quite unaware of the weird things occur when you await a good weather window for one of the "most dangerous crossings in North America". Here are some examples:
Perhaps not so strange (to Ben) is the Modelorama in Crucesitas where you order 1 to 3 litres of beer at your table. They load it into a tube and you can dispense it at your whim....let's just say it's a BIG treat to drink draft beer in Mexico and to be able to control the output...such an appropriate thing being St. Patrick's Day and all (aka Dia de St. Patricio here in Mexico). I think Ben may have found his "nirvana". Did I mention the waitress had on a tube top??

Anchored out in Huatulco, Mexico awaiting a good weather window can bring out some interesting activities to pass the time. After a visit to the mercado, what else to do but challenge each other to an egg toss game. The sailboat Panache was 200-300 yards from ours and when Zach (Captain of Panache) pointed out there was no way Mick and I would hit his boat...well, we busted out the huevos! As fate would have was Capt. Zach to hit his own vessel! Happy sailing Zach! I think eggs are good luck!
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Anchored out in Huatulco, Mexico awaiting a good weather window Mick and JP swam every morning and visited the neighborhood boats on the daily swim!

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And why not celebrate a birthday while you wait for the seas to die down?


Molly (on the Floating Frat House)

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  1. It seems waiting can be fun with the right people : )