Monday, March 5, 2012

Videos Finally!!

No writing today...just videos! We had yet another dolphin encounter on our way to Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa while a few miles offshore. They spent about a half hour swimming along with us and playing. We were all on the bow enjoying the show (don't worry, we have an autopilot on the boat). Good times!!!

J.P. leaned down and got to touch one of them as they swam along. Then the dolphin promptly spouted out of his blowhole, spraying JP all over. It should be noted that he just finished a research report on dolphins. Nothing like making research REAL!!

And yes, in the first video, JP is saying, "Hi guys! Let's Party-Party!". If touching dolphins isn't a party, I don't know what is!!!

Please excuse the rookie video filming...I'm always paranoid I'm going to drop the IPhone in the ocean. Also, you may have to paste the below links into the address bar to access them on You Tube. Enjoy!


You can go to You Tube and paste in the following address for our videos:



  1. Great video! Good to see you guys and hear your voices! (oh, and the dolphins were good too) Happy Sailing...

  2. Oh Goodness....I completely agree with Landlubber GREAT to hear your voices. We miss you guys soooooo much but, it looks like your adventures are more and more amazing each post. Keep on sailing...but, COME HOME!!! :) xoxoxoxoxoxox