Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ben here, catching up......

We are up in the mountains for a few days. It gives me a bit of time to catch up on some of this blogging. Here are a few pictures from the last few months of cruising before we came back to the good ol' US.

Here, Molly shows what she learned at the tour of the El Salvadorian history/war museum......Gals and Guns; ALWAYS Cool!!!

An afternoon volleyball game at the Hotel Bahia del Sol pool:

 Here is Zac from Panache in his natural environment....plugging away on the internet. This ballsy guy is currently sailing across the Pacific on his Catalina 30!!!!

Aaron w/ the money shot.

Zac and Aaron are two of the neatest guys I met while cruising. On a bus trip at one point to San Salvador, as the bus filled to max capacity, I got seperated from Mickey. He had been pushed forward up the central isle of the bus. However, I quickly realised that Aaron was standing right behind him w/ a hand on his shoulder. It was awesome to know my kids were so safe travelling along w/ friends like these guys. It didn't hurt that both are about as mature as 10 year olds!

Here is Nicole, Aaron's better half, and some insane foliage:

JP stepping out in the rainforest:

Not sure why I needed to put this......full disclosure?......we don't always travel first class!

Everyone asks about the dangers. Our biggest "scare" was the micro-burst. Here are the boys right after. I think the adreneline had not yet completely vacated our systems.

The ORIGINAL Tree Of Life.....2000 BC, or thereabouts.

AND, never forget, the FORCE is EVERYWHERE!!!

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  1. Hey I'm at least as mature as a 14 year old! Miss you guys!