Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Today Only - July 10th

Just for a moment I will digress from my sailing writings.....have no fear, I have a couple of posts coming soon about El Salvador.

My friend, colleague and fellow writer, Laura Hansen has written a wonderful book "Hand Me A Wrench; My Life Is Out of Whack". My favorite chapter is "You're Good....You're Ice Cream Good".

I helped Laura with her Wrench book launch party a while back. Now, I'm lending a hand (two actually) with the Wrench book promotion. She's shooting for #1 best seller on Amazon. com. Would you be willing to help by buying one or more books on Tuesday, July 10th?

She will be offering free video, audio, e-books and live coaching along with great offers from 22 of her colleagues - best selling authors, international speakers/coahces and master healers. Today (July 10th) is the only day these free gifts will be offerred. If Amazon says it is out of stock, don't worry they will have some more within a day or two.

Go to www.handmeawrench.com and follow the steps! Enjoy!!

Cheers! Molly

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