Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Belated Photos....Halloween in San Diego and Bahia Santa Maria

Finally! An opportunity to load some pictures on the blog! We have purchased a WiFi booster and are having succes. Here are some snapshots of Halloween onboard a sailboat. Hopefully more pics to follow of other locales/events.

Trick or treating in Bahia Santa Maria; an isolated anchorage where all of the Baja Ha Ha boats hung out for a couple days in between passages. The boys went trick or treating in the dinghy, going from boat to boat and got some great booty! Thanks to all of our fellow sailors, that were so generous in distributing tasty treats!

On Halloween I drew the long straw and got to go to the "adult" party on the 55' steel sailboat, Go For Broke. Quickly put on my blue Marge Simpson wig, grabbed my bottle of wine and happily took a dinghy ride over and enjoyed my reprieve from my Floating Frat House. There, I met numerous new friends, told my first exagerrated "sailing stories" and met a fellow uke player. A friend from a nearby boat swam over with a fake pirate sword in her mouth, clamored up the swim ladder and boarded the boat, ready to party! Gotta love sailing women!!!

Baja Ha Ha Halloween Kick-off Party in San Diego. Alas, we did not win for best "Group" costume, but we had a great time! Mick and J.P. were Jedi Knights and I went as Princess Lea. Ben wanted to rent a Chewbacca costume and wear a Hawaiin shirt, but had to settle for a blue wig and pawn himself off as "ChewBecca"....Chewbacca's sister. We are consistenly identified as the "Jedi Knight" boat since the boys are often up on the bow having light saber duels.

Captain Ben "ChewBecca" and Captain Tucker from embrace their costumes at the party.
Jedi Knights from JACE, making new friends, Ruby and Miles"Birds Flying South" from Convivia.

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