Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cabo San Lucas Now!

November 6, 2011

When I wrote this, we were currently in the Baja Ha Ha cruisers rally (now completed and in Cabo San Lucas) and sailing along with about 140 other boats. Please note, these dates are estimates….I have realized I lose perspective on time and dates while at sea. Our stops and rough schedule:

October 24 – October 27 - Sailing from San Diego to Turtle Bay

Ocotber 27 – October 29 - Resting in Turtle Bay (provisioning, socializing with other cruisers, etc).

October 29 – October 31 - Sailing from Turtle Bay to Bahia Santa Maria

October 31 – November 2 - Resting in Bahia Santa Maria (boat trick or treating, Halloween parties aboard other boats, swapping of exaggerated sailing stories, etc.)

November 2 – November 3 – Sail to and arrive in Cabo San Lucas……cheating death once again on the open sea!

Here is a glimpse of time spent on a 3 day passage from San Diego to Turtle Bay (Bahia de Tortuga).

Midnight – 3:00 Ben comes off night watch, Molly goes on (observations regarding night watch duty later).

3:00 – 6:00 Molly or Ben on watch. Eat breakfast, watch sunrise, drink coffee….lovely. There’s something about cheating death once again during a night watch that makes you appreciate the dawn of a new day! (to be honest, Ben has been very generous in night watch duties, he will often take a 4 hour watch and let me sleep and take a 2 hour watch).

6:00 – 8:00 Boys wake up; eat breakfast. They tend to sit quietly for a long time waking up. It seems the ocean has lulled them into some meditative state as the start their day. Ben on watch or vice versa. (whoever isn’t, goes down below to sleep some more).

8:00 Everyone awake. Sit in cockpit and talk. Watch dolphins, etc.

9:00 Boat schooling. Read, read, read. Math, Science, etc. (more on that in a later blog).

10:00 Recess (this includes climbing out bow hatch and sword fighting, trying to reel in a fish, etc.).

10:30 More boat schooling

12:00 School out for the day (although the learning continues unbeknownst to the younger crew members).

12:00 Lunch; crew member Mickey likes to take on this task. Usually sandwiches with chips and salsa. More talking, saying hi to our new animal neighbors, etc.

1:00 Cleaning up of boat, stowing away things that are out from the day before, Ben or Molly nap to prepare for another night at sea. Boys do a variety of things to pass time (Mad Libs, reading, Battleship, writing in journal, eating and spitting contest of sunflower seeds…this could take at least an hour of time, make sand dollar necklaces, play Nintendo DS, etc.).
4:00 Fire up the BBQ to grill up some fish we caught….NOT! Not yet anyway. BBQ burgers or other supplies we have. Eat dinner, watch sunset, wash dishes, etc.
6:00 Boys go down below for movie time (usually Star Wars). Ben or Molly nap.
8:00 Boys to bed, another night shift of night watch begins.
Time seems to slow down while doing a long passage like this. Life is slow and at times very boring, but I find it quite nice and a reprieve from the hectic schedule we used to live. However, after three days, I’m usually ready to jump ship, put my feet on solid ground again and find Internet access.

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