Wednesday, November 16, 2011


It's been a month since my last post and my verbose wife seems to be dominating the scene here.

I just haven't had the energy to post anything and finally thought I would look at the calendar for answers. You see, it has been 10 weeks since that fateful day at the end of August when I hitched a ride to San Diego and closed the deal on the boat.

I then spent 2 fairly grueling weeks bashing up the coast.
Once home we spent 2 more weeks moving the house into a storage unit and the remainder of our stuff onto the boat.
We then spent two weeks delivering the boat down the coast, not as brutal as going "uphill", but we were on a schedule and didn't really stop and rest much....and we had our share of overnight passages.
We then headed off on the BaJa-HaHa...2 weeks of fairly long passages down the coast of Baja California, where there are few places to stop and rest.
Once in Cabo, we spent a few days in a rolly anchorage before I finally broke (yes, it was me that cried "uncle" first) and we got our first slip in 15 days. Then we headed out for the trip up to LaPaz.

I am by no means complaining...not only has this crazy schedule been 100% self-inflicted, it has been a blast. But I have been actively sailing the boat or moving houses for 9 of the last 10 weeks, and I am cooked!!!

My body feels old right now. At one point I think I fell asleep w/ my eyes open on a night watch, standing at the wheel with my knees locked. My joints and back are sore like I have never felt before.

We have now been in a slip for a few days and I am beginning to feel young again. I have knocked out a few boat projects, caught up on work, and even started running a bit.
Most notably, I have had a few moments to finally sit back, relax, and enjoy what I have accomplished.
This is a dream I concocted sitting on the dock in Annapolis in 1998. Everything I had hoped for then has manifested. It has taken until now to really start to sink in.
I am feeling very fortunate, a bit tired and weary, but mostly very blessed.

Oh, and Carbon Offset, the boat I built, is off to a new home and winning races!!!
Life is good.


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  1. aaaah Ben,,,reminds me of the old sage who said..''be careful what yer wish for,,it might just come true,,pass me a drink''.......yes I'm SURE that's how it went,she was rather a LUSH!!

    ...Gawd,,I feel your/I meeting was some final last straw!!!
    ...any chance you'll still be in LaPaz in january??,,I'm on my way!