Thursday, February 16, 2012

Memories of La Cruz....

I realized that through the last several weeks we haven't posted many photos of our travels in La Cruz. So over the next few days I will share some highlights of the events we experienced in our time there (also, people have e-mailed and requested less words....more photos. I can take a hint!!).

It's not unusual to have an impromtu cockpit party aboard JACE! Here's Aaron from Bella Star showing off his fancy "palm tree in a bottle" of rum!

Brian from Go For Broke and Nicole from Bella Star smiling, glad that it's not their transmission on the fritz!!

Giving Zach from Panache a hard time for checking his e-mail in the midst of the festivities!

The boys ringing in the New Year with Mexican sparklers! Look at the size of those things!!!!! Ben and I fell asleep before midnight while the boys partied on until 1:00 am....who knows what goes on in their V-berth...scary!!!

New Year's Eve in La Cruz!! Ben was miffed that I smuggled on a paper tiara that lit up w/ a blinking light!!


  1. Molly, I don't care what anybody else says. Keep writing! It makes me laugh, except when it's sad (scooter at the bottom of the bay), but then happy when it's rescued! Happy Sailing

  2. So cool to have you all as friends! We love the posts and keep it up!

  3. SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are looking maaaaaaaaaaaaaaarvelous!