Friday, February 17, 2012

More Pics of La Cruz...Catching Up!!!

Recess time at Doolittle Boat School!! What a great playground!

Amigos, Leo and Theresa!! Theresa can shred the swells on her surfboard, while Leo showed the boys his boogy boarding skills! Mick has become quite the boogy boarder!

We took a hike to the Petroglyps which was awesome AND educational! Here's Ben's rock balancing sculpture which represents us as a family. Hopefully, I'm the tall, skinny one!!???

At the end of the hike was the "Bathtub of the Kings". Apparently the Native Americans still use this as a worshipping site for their ceremonies.

This sign explains the human sacrifices the Native American tribe used to worship. Mickey and J.P. thought that was pretty cool....and then got a bit jumpy as we hiked on...until I assured them they would not be taken captive!!

Our guide was April, an ex-pat surfer who has lived in the area for 25 years and raised her own two boys here. We became fast friends and she generously invited us into her house to watch the NFL a REAL living room where we lounged luxuriously instead of in a crowded restaraunt/bar. She also knew all the good surf spots!! =)

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