Monday, February 20, 2012

Yelapa Pics

The boys and I at the "cascada" (waterfall).

This seem strange, but this reminded me of my dad back home. When I was a kid he would bring these "spools" home from the phone company and we'd build things out of them in the backyard (my brother KJ made a spectacular coffee table!!).

Here's a poster for a politician running for office. Is it me...or does this guy look like he hasn't done a day of hard work in his life?? Or is this John Edwards ressurecting his political career in Mexico??

A picture of our sailboat tied up to the mooring ball in the bay.

Walking through the narrow and tropical streets of Yelapa.

What is Ben thinking here?? A couple of guesses:

"This reminds me of our fuel tank"
"Dang, this makes me want to pee!"
"Is that crazy saleslady still behind me?"

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