Friday, September 9, 2011


Ben sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge this morning at approximately 11:00 a.m. We had a great time watching him enter the Bay on Chrissy Field's live webcam!! He has safely tucked the boat away in Emeryville (Emery Cove Yacht Harbor) and is returning to Sacramento as we speak. His intention was to sail her up the river to Sacramento, but when we shopped available slips around here, we found far cheaper rates in the Bay Area.

I also think he was motivated by the desire to come home. He pushed the boat and himself hard up the coast to test her out and wanted to get to Northern California in a timely matter. Apparently, the boat passed the "Bash" test with flying colors! However, by the time he hit the Golden Gate, he was tired, cold and generally done! Besides....he missed his wife and's true....he told me!!!

Metaphorically speaking the trip was like a binge-filled drunken night of's fun while it lasted, but then you wake up at dawn on the front lawn, next to someone you don't know and just want to find your shoes shuffle on home (um, not that that EVER happened to me before........please don't leave dissenting opinions in the "comments" dad reads this blog).

On another note, Ben and I are trying to decide on a new name for the boat, so if you would like to submit ideas over the next 24 hours, please feel free. They can be funny, serious, philosophical, light-hearted...anything! Here are some examples so far:

Endless Possibilities
Knee Deep
Good Life
3 Wieners & A Girl
Floating Frat House
Rally Thong (thanks Chris)
Whale On Waves (thanks Mickey)...he's not talking about me, right?
Sir Reginald's Court

Have a great day!!

BTW...I have referenced many drinking metaphors lately....I think it's my pirate past lives coming to light! Eeeerrrr Matey!


  1. Great blog, Molly. Love your commentary. I'm looking forward to following your adventures. All great names, but you've left out the most obvious Pipe Dream II. Have fun!

  2. Here's my name suggestions:

    "Crest of a Wave" (Because: 52 La Cresta Drive; A great Rory Gallagher song of the same name; and I suppose that's where you want to sail; what do I know?)

    Compass Rose (Leaving Rose Valley Drive for the Compass Rose)

    Whang Dang Doodle
    Whang Dang Doolittle

    Happy Sails!!!!