Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's kinda like somebody died......

Very sad around here today....well, tired to the point of exhaustion will always make my mood darker. But saying goodbye to our old life is a little sad. We had a going away party on the boat which was very cathartic. Lots of family and friends all came by to say good bye. But where it gets really weird is how many of our neighbors, those right next door and those blocks away, who have watched us raise our kids here, who were witness to the boat building, and who have been a quiet but big part of our lives, have come by to tell us how much we meant to them and how much we will be missed. Roger from across the street spent almost all day helping me load the van. Linda next door is so upset she couldn't talk to us. Kathy on the other side offered me a beer when that simple gesture couldn't have meant more. It really has been exactly like when my dad died and Sam and Mom and I got to see how much he meant to the people he touched.
But in our case no one is dead...yet.....although I know Molly has moments where me being gone might seem preferrable to this!
I really just want to say thanks, very publicly for the love and support of our family and friends. Kathy, Molly's sister, has spent hours watching the kids and shuttling them around. Every one in her family has been SO great. My brother Sam and my neice Sophia and my Mom have offered to help in any way.
It really does make me reflect on how stinkin good I have it...and a little sad to be leaving.
That will all fade into crazy joy I am sure as we sail out the gate....but for the moment I am a bit melancholy.
Hey....Happy Birthday to me......the storeage unit is "locked and loaded" and we are outta here!!!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY,Ben! What a wonderful gift on your day of birth!! I envy you and your great journey with your family-such a great way to experience the world!! Enjoy every moment and thank you for the opportunity to enjoy it vicariously with all of you!! Love it!! Hi-Mickey, J.P. and Molly-XOXO

  2. Hey, Ben - Happy belated B-day. Kudos to all for of you for seizing the day and doing this. It will change all of your lives, I'm sure (but that's the idea, isn't it). I look forward to following your adventures and hopefully coming down for a visit. Bon Voyage and Godspeed!

  3. Happy (belated) birthday!! I am going to miss you guys, but you will be having the time of your lives. And we can all follow your blogging :) Give the kiddies tons of hugs for me!

  4. Howdy guys, so glad you are living the dream, I admire you immensely. Enjoy every minute and don't forget to take lots of pictures. About the name of your boat, funny you should choose Kneedeep. That's been my screen name on the on line fishing sites for several years. I'm so flattered that you named her after me. Ha! Ha! May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back, be safe and smile often, Roger