Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fist Mate, Molly Hungover - Where is Captain Ben?

No, not that kind of hungover!! It's Day 12 of Single Mom Status and it sure as heck feels like a hangover. Fatigued, slurred speech, unclear thoughts, someone speaks to me and I can't quite understand what their saying due to the haze in my head. Respect and cudoos to all of you single parents out there doing it on your's tough!!

Ben is in the home stretch up the coast and should be sailing through the Golden Gate Thursday or Friday. My project today is to find live webcams on the bridge so we can watch him sail under. I'll post the website if I can find one.

Here's a quick list of where Ben has been and where he will be the next couple of days:

Wednesday, 8/31 - Departed San Diego in a.m., arrived Dana Point in p.m.
Thursday, 9/1 - Departed Dana Point in a.m., arrived Marina Del Rey in p.m.
Friday, 9/2 and Saturday 9/3- Departed Marina Del Rey Friday a.m. arrived Santa Barbara Saturday a.m.
Saturday 9/3 - Sunday 9/4 - Departed Santa Barbara in p.m., sailed all night and arrived Morro Bay Sunday a.m.
Sunday 9/4 - Monday 9/5 - Departed Morro Bay in p.m., arrived Monterey Monday p.m.
Apparently this was the hardest hit portion of the trip so far (20 knot winds, 5-10 ft. swells - sea sickness, etc.)
Tuesday 9/6 - Departed Monterey, arrived Santa Cruz in p.m. (foggy, but he reports that the radar is working great!).
Wednesday 9/7 - Departing Santa Cruz and will try to make it to Half Moon Bay, depending on weather, fatigue, etc.

Thanks to the Dan, John, Paul and Chris (throw in a Ringo and it's the Beatles!) who helped out with overnight legs!

I think that's all correct information, but if not, please forgive me....I'm hungover, remember?

If any of Ben's sailing buddies out there find a good deal on a used dinghy, let us know! For my friends...."dinghy" - a small boat used to transport goods (i.e. beer and rum) and passengers to and from a larger boat.

Have a great day!

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