Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Purging of Worldly Possessions - We had a garage sale on Sunday to sell approximately 1/3 of our worldly possessions. The remaining will go into storage and upon our arrival back home, we will crack open the door of the storage unit and immediately wonder why in the world we saved all this crap. It is also a bit unnerving that selling 1/3 of our worldly goods has the monetary value of $250 (which would mean ALL of our possessions have a net worth of $750). To J.P. and Mickey this was an amazing amount of money, to Ben and I, it was just plain sad.
I guess it all depends on your perspective!

And just as a side note....I have discovered my husband, who has been in sales for the last 20 years, is a really bad salesman....example:

Ben: Hey, Molly how much are we asking for the drum set?
Molly: $30
Ben: Oh, but the little boy is so sweet and he only has $10
Molly: No, $30.
20 minutes later Molly (a.k.a Gordon Gekko) comes out of the house....
Molly: Where is the drum set?
Ben: You don't want to know, but remember this moment. When we are on our trip and need something, a random person will appear and have exactly what we need. It's called good karma!

How can you argue with that?

Boat Naming: The boat name suggestions were great! Thanks for all who 'floated' ideas our way!!! A few examples:
Doo-A-Little Dreamin'
Doolittle's Dream
Why Knot
The New Rosemont
Our Boat
3 Boyz and A Lady
The Mother Ship
Whang Dang Doolittle
Happy Sails
Compass Rose
Pipe Dream II

And the official new name is "Knee Deep" because you just can't go wrong with a Jimmy Buffett song! Here is the song that inspired it.


Pictures of our new floating frat house:

House Mother's bedroom not pictured.

Ben in the main salon (living room, family room, extra bed, dining room)

Navigation Table (office, time out desk for students when they need to be separated from classmates, table that holds Pirate money - in plastic bag)

Door to V-Berth (Boy's bedroom, playroom, storage alcove for pirate swords)

V-berth (see above)

Wall in V-Berth (storage rack for pirate swords)

Head (Bathroom, shower, and place where Molly will medicate herself when the Frat Brothers have taken over)

Galley (Kitchen)

Patio Area

Backyard (neighbors nowhere in sight)


  1. Heard about ya'll thanks to the Cruising Compass and the Today Show! Wanted to check ya'll out since we're prepping for full-time cruising on our 1987 Catalina 30. It's not often that we come across other Catalina owners that are cruising .. we love ours! Hoping to put the house on the market in about 2 weeks! Glad to know others are out there on their Catalina cruising the waters!

    Ken n Cheryl
    sv Nirvana