Thursday, October 11, 2012

Back to our old-new reality......

Strange how a summer of flopping on friends/relatives' couches can make sleeping on your boat in a foreign country feel like home. But I am getting ahead of myself.....still awake after 24 hours of travel....JP hanging tough!!
Some annecdotes about our trip down:

As we waited at the gate JP asked about first class. The gate agent at an adjacent gate annouced last boarding for Las Vegas.....JP shouted, "First class to Vegas Baby!! That's how I roll!!"
So I called his bluff and told him to go up to our gate agent and ask if we could be upgraded to first class......which of course he gotta love the gumption!!
Hilarious when we ended up on the plane for the last leg nearly by oursleves.....lots of room, plenty of attention from the flight attendents, a nice lunch.......JP says, "THIS is what first class is like!!"  He got his first class after all and he was loving it!!

Here is my breaksfast in MexicoCity........must be back in Central America!! It was delicious.

But the funniest thing was waiting to get cleared through customs in Mexico. Of course I packed WAY too many new electronics, was carrying MANY percription drugs for a friend (therefore I had no Rx) and to top it all off, I packed the 5 lbs of beef jerky (totally illegal to bring meat across the border) that I had carefully prepared in San Mateo.
So I am standing waiting for our bags to come from out behind the clear lucite wall where cutoms...and their pack of rabid drug dogs.....was eagerly ripping open any bag that tipped the german shepherds off......lots of shadows, barking, laughing in Spanish.....clothes getting tossed......and all I see are the shadowy outlines of the customs guys, their dogs and the baggage they are destroying. I am of course convinced that I will be in prison before nightfall and JP will be w/ the Mexican version of Child Care Services....and I will need to explain all of this to Molly!!
Everyone else's bags come out and I am standing alone w/ JP, and I am FULLY FREAKED OUT......but I pull it together enough to ask non-chalantly as possible, if this is the baggage from the flight from San Francisco.
No, it wasn't.....our bags were sitting all by themselves 2 carouselles over.....unopened. No drug dogs, no customs guys.......and the best part......all my beef jerky was still in there!!!
NOTE TO SELF......just don't DO that again!

Off to bed.......the boat is in surprisingly good shape......lots of work tomorrow but we'll be up and running in no time.


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