Thursday, October 11, 2012

Two Doolittles Have Left the Building

Last night we dropped Ben and J.P. off at the airport to catch the red eye to El Salvador. I must admit I got a bit weepy watching those two walk away down the terminal. Mickey and I will fly out on Sunday night and join them in preparing the boat for departure to Costa Rica.

Hopefully the rainy season will be winding down and the thunderstorms will start to be less frequent....nothing like sitting in the water with a tall metal mast stretching up into the sky during a lightening storm. Two of our friends were struck this season, but have made repairs and are sailing on! They have made some scientific and technical modifications to ensure they will not be struck again.....with help from Mickey and J.P. for a description involving childlike genius, Lego men and apoxy.  Check it out, so funny!!


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