Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What I did on my summer vacation......

We have booked passage back to El Salvador next week. I have mixed emotions about going back. This summer has been a blast (can you say "good beer"?) and I am a bit nervous about heading back (will the engine that has sat idle for 4 months fire up for us?)
And yet I can't wait to get back down to Central America and continue our cruise.

But before we go back, a little review of this last few months. Let me start by saying that when we talked about coming back and doing some "sofa-surfing", I had no idea how far we would take that.
Well here is the list of households that afforded  the Cruisin Griwald's some floor/couch/garage/attic/camper space:

Jerry Forbes (we were an anchor tenant here for the summer), San Mateo
Sally Doolittle, Petaluma
Erik and Laura Teply, Sacramento
Steve and Darla Lucas, Orinda
Brigette and Sean Schickendanz, San Francisco
John and Diane Perrault, Sacramento
Molly Johnson, San Francisco
Mike and Krissy Paulucci, Yuba City
Twain Harte (cabin rental w/ Forbes family)
Patrick and Susan Forbes, Elk Grove
Sam and Laurie Doolittle, Petaluma
SF Sailing company (spent MANY nights on their boats at Pier 39)
Rob annd Kara Pulkownik, Lafayette
Chris and Kim Link, Sacramento
Lee and Kathy Bucinio, Elk Grove

That's right......in 16 weeks somehow we managed to impose ourselves on 15 of our formerly close friends!! That is one of my primary observations from this summer: being back "at home" was alot more like traveling than being in a foreign country on our boat!!

Huge thanks to ALL who opened their homes and refrigerators) to the Doolittle gypsies!

Now for a little photo essay:

SO GOOD to be back in the US of A!!!!!!!

One of the coolest places we house sat had an awesome roof patio over looking the Bay.
Music in the park in San Mateo.....you DON'T bundle up like this in El Salvador.
Below is our first attempt at Geocaching.....I KNOW we were in the right spot......but came up empty handed. It is awful pretty up in the mountains at Twain Harte.

Molly and I also enjoyed a little bit if the high class life at friend Andrew and Emile's wedding at the Ferry Building in SF. This in Jeff enjoying a tropical bebida.

The boys and I hangin at the beach.

Academy of Sciences in SF....this is the tropical rainforest....geuss we didn't need to leave home after all.

Playinig tourist in SF w/ cousin Kate.
Lunch w/ Molly at the Beach Chalet.....we had our engagement dinner here oh so many years ago.

It was a BLAST to see so much America's Cup action w/ the boys!!

They also learned how to drive go-karts.
I taught sailing w/ Jeff and Gina below at SF Sailing Company, and drove the shuttle for the Forbes Island Restarant. You just can't keep me away from the boats.

We finished the summer w/ a birthday party for Mickey....and JP since we will be away AGAIN for his birthday.....we had a very SERIOUS football game.

I can't believe how fast this summer went by. It was a blast and we really owe a huge debt of gratitude to all who hosted us, especially Colleen and Jerry in San Mateo.


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