Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween, Cruising Style

A quick update.  So, we have left Bahia del Sol, our home for the past several months and made our way south to Isla Meanguera, still technically in El Salvador.  It is a small island in the Gulf of Fonseca where the three countries of Honduras, El Salvador and Nicargaua all meet.  We plan to set out at first light tomorrow and sail the 170 miles to Bahia Santa Elena in Costa Rica. 

I receive inspirational quotes from my friend Laura Hansen's website every day. Here's the one for October 31st.  Very appropriate for our sail south.

Within the gentle breeze are the memories of the lives it touched before you

They don't celebrate Halloween here in El Salvador, but we made out own celebration with a cookie kit and treats.  We discovered the Hotel La Joya del Golfo on the island, a beautiful and tranquil spot.  The boys spent time with Rachel, the daughter of the hotel owners and even got to walk her to school today.  If you ever are in El Salvador and looking for a peaceful spot to spend some time, this is the place!!  Thanks to Richard and Rina for their hospitality and a tour of the town.

Some photos and video to document our travels:

Mickey enjoying some siesta time on the hammock. To quote him, "I never want to leave here!"  Smart dude!!
We walked through the small village and dropped off Rachel at school. Just like at home, the boys were embarrased by my picture taking.
No trick-or-treating this year (last year they trick or treated from boat to boat in Turtle Bay, Mexico).  Preparing for this, I brought a cookie kit from the US, complete with eyeball gumballs, gummy worms and severed jelly fingers.  Rachel scared the boys with her ghost costume this morning! They don't seem to mind not dressing up this year.
As soon as we pulled into the anchorage the boys spied Rachel up on the deck.  They said, "Hey there's a kid!  Let's go to shore!!"  Making friend on the high seas!! Thanks to Rachel for being so sweet to the boys and letting them watch Nickelodeon "in English".  Life is good!!
Here's a video for ya!


Happy Halloween!



  1. Beautiful! Happy Halloweeeeen : )

  2. Wow, Isla Meanguera looks beautiful, peaceful. When Windy and I were in the Golfo de Fonseca in 1997, we anchored off Isla Conchiquita. We started the night in the cockpit, but then the gunfire and shouting started, so we ducked for cover and spent the night inside, terrible sleep, gunfire all night--and it sounded close. What a difference 15 years makes. Have a good sail south. Michael

  3. So peacefull. Such a change from crossing the bar! So nice to see what Knee Deep is doing and to be able to live some of your adventures via the blog.
    Smooth sailing from Dodger Too.

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  5. Molly you have made me obsessed with seeing Isla Meanguera. It looks so lovely. I'm trying to get my travel partner to see it "live" in February.
    I enjoy your travel blog immensely. Thanks for sharing your travels with all of us. Safe journeys. Laurie Bissig

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